There Is One Special Day That Is Best For Manifest What You Want

JUNE 21, 2023

Clear Away Old Blocks & Limiting Beliefs.

Allow the Universe To Bring You What You Want

Summer Solstice Live Intensive

Brighten Your vibrational energy

Allow the Light Of The Sun To Permeate Your Energy Field.

The Summer Solstice Is the Brightest Day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a perfect time to manifest the relationship of your dreams, money, success, happiness, and health.

Join Miracle Mentor Robert Zink, Rachael Zink, Sheena Shah (India), Agne Lecocq (Switzerland), Sarah Reinhardt, & Geraldine Convento.

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Clear Away Old Blocks & Limiting Beliefs.

Learn Astonishing Ancient Techniques to bring you what you want.

Rewire Your Life For Love, Success, Money, Health


  • Attract the love of your life (specific person).
  • Live a life of love, acceptance & harmony.
  • Save an existing relationship - marriage.
  • Get a specific person to want you and crave you.


  • Develop a prosperity mindset.
  •  Overcome limiting beliefs to wealth.
  •  Build a life of abundance.


  • Be the one everyone wants to be.
  • Learn to attract success through magnetism.
  • Develop a network of success.







Personal Fulfillment


imagine all the lower vibration energy being cleared from your life in one powerful and unbelievable evening.

We're not talking about an ordinary 2 1/2 - 3 hours. We are sharing tools that will give you the vibration to get exactly what you want. ~Guaranteed

New method for attracting exactly what you desire: absolutely fool proof. Limited spots are available.

Imagine +Plus+ you will learn an amazing manifesting techniques that virtually always works!

This Only Happens Once A Year During The Summer Solstice June 21


If you're tired of book after book with very little positive change in your life then you need to be one of the handful of people ready to FIX YOUR LIFE in one powerful evening.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, that is your past programming talking to you.

In 3 short hours on the Summer Solstice you will unlock exactly what you need to begin living the life of your dreams.

Why not make 2022 the best year of your life by signing up now and joining us for an extraordinary evening of Light, personal empowerment and fulfillment of your wish fulfilled

Special law of Attraction Mentors

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You Will:

You Will:

Unlock Your Magic To Begin Seriously Living The Life You Want

With Robert Zink

For too long you have gone without the money you desire, the love you crave, and the healing you need. THIS CHANGES NOW! Robert will take you deep into your desires and help you bring them to life.

Tapping In The Light

With Rachael Zink

Attract the love & specific person you desire for an incredible love life. This new and incredible method will guarantee you a beautiful, loving relationship!

Heart Brain Coherence

With Sara Reinhardt

Your heart has a measurable magnetic field that extends 3 feet. You heart also has memory and emotions. Discover how you can expand your heart through the power of your mind.

Unlock The Power of Your Relationships

With Geraldine Convento

You are the sum of the 5 closest people to you. You can use your relationships to make your dreams or they can break your dreams. Discover how to unlock your full power and potential through the relationships that you keep.

Your Belief Is Science

With sabrina cronin

Your beliefs are more than just wishing and hoping for change. There is a specific science that can be measured as you change your beliefs. Discover how your reality will scientifically change as your beliefs change.

Prepare To Receive

With Agne Lecocq

Based on the Law of Gender, Agne will teach you a unique technique to help you receive what you desire. Many of us are good at knowing what we want, but not so good at receiving. Agne has a special meditation that will make you a receiver!

Get The Love Life You Want

With Sheena Shah

5 Magical techniques to attract an unbelievably loving relationship. The secrets you will learn and the meditation you will do will absolutely change your love life.

re-attracting your significant other

With Vicki Cantrell

There are 5 Special Techniques used to shift your vibration in to one that will re-attraction you Significant other. Bringing someone back into your life is easier than you Realize. Find out how to have the relationship you desire.


Manifesting Beyond Destiny is an intensive live broadcast around the world to a limited group of people. If you can't attend this event live, sign up now so you can catch the 48-hour replay!

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  • Money
  • Health
  • Success
  • Energy Clearing 

What If You Could Have Anything You Desired By Using A Never Before Revealed Method?

When You Register For Manifesting Beyond Destiny, I Will Teach You How To Activate The Field To Bring You Anything You Want. This Special Technique Is Completely New And Cuts Through The Resistance Like A Hot Knife Cutting Thru Butter!

This Technique Is So Powerful I Am Limiting Attendance, So Grab Your Spot Now.

I Have Tested Out This Special Technique That I Will Debut On The Solstice - June 21st - And I Absolutely Promise This Manifesting Method Is So Powerful It Will Blow Your Socks Off!

  • Are You Going To Be One Of The People To Get Their Specific Person?
  • Are You Going To Attract Amazing Success In Your Career? 

Grab Your Limited Spot Now Before It's Too Late. (In A Box) I Promise This Is The Manifesting Event Of 2023.

If You Can’t Attend At The Appointment Time, You Will Have 72 Hours To Watch The Replay. Expect Only Love And Miracles

See You Soon,

Robert Zink

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Is it time for you to live the wish fulfilled? Then you must grab your spot now to ensure you will receive the hidden, never before revealed techniques shared on the  Summer Solstice on June 21st, 2023.

Get the money you desire, the love you crave and the success and health you deserve. The ancients knew the power of the summer solstice and on June 21st so will you.

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MOST OF US . . .

. . .have unknowingly been blocking the flow of love, success, health, and wealth for so long that we have forgotten what it feels like to live a life of joy, happiness, and abundance.

The ancients understood that June 21st, the summer solstice was a day when you could claim your birthright to a life of love, prosperity, and abundance.

All you need to do is claim your spot and join us on June 21st. Take inspired action and register today. I promise you will be making one of the best decisions of your life. DO IT NOW!

Robert Zink

Ancient Summer Solstice
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